Residential Building Opportunities

Build Wealth Through Residential Real Estate Investments

Investing in Residential Real Estate Has Many Advantages.

Real estate investments should be diversified across locations, product types, and operating partners.

All Pro Capital collaborates with The Challenger Group offering a geographically diversified network of builders and attractive investment opportunities, throughout the Intermountain West and Great Plains regions of the U.S. 

Long-Term Appreciation

Residential Real Estate in areas with growing demand are best equipped to perform better and provide greater returns than the market averages. For this reason, a smart investor must always be mindful of broad market trends to make the best possible investing decisions.

Our investors take advantage of All Pro Capital’s knowledge of trends and network of builders, to get the most out of their investment portfolio.


Diversifying investments across different industries, markets, and investment types, can reduce your overall investment risk level. 

Diversifying as a direct investor in residential real estate investments has been traditionally a difficult task. All Pro Capital provides a solution by offering investment opportunities in different asset classes and markets.

All Pro Funding V offers accredited investors a continuous opportunity to participate in the residential real estate market and immediate cashflow on a quarterly basis.

Consistent Cashflow
An expanding economy leads to greater demand for real estate and, as a result, higher rents. That means higher capital values, too. Real estate generally maintains the buying power of capital because some inflationary pressure is passed along to tenants and even more is incorporated in the form of capital appreciation. All Pro Funding V is an opportunity for accredited investors to preserve capital through low-risk investments, and build consistent cashflow with an interest rate of prime + 3%, currently at 10% annual interest rate, paid quarterly.

Two Decades of Successful Investments

Invest in Residential Real Estate with All Pro Capital

Deal Transparency

Smart investors need to know what they’re investing in. Going into an investment with eyes way open is the best way to ensure a favorable, profitable outcome. That’s why All Pro Capital values deal transparency so highly.

All Pro Capital provides each investor with thorough documentation of a project during the entire process- before, during, and after. Investors have 24/7 access to their personal investment dashboard so they can check on their investments at any point starting from the beginning of each deal. They can view all investments, total project involvements, returns to date, all related documentation, and more from the dashboard. This is just yet another extension of All Pro Capital’s commitment to doing right by their clients. In our second decade, we have worked to make real estate investment streamlined and convenient for our clients. Our team invests time to get to know you and  understand your goals in order to present the  best fitting investment opportunities.

IRA and 401K Accessibility

You might not be aware that you can use your retirement accounts to invest in options other than traditional investments like stocks and bonds. One of those alternative investment options is residential real estate.

If you have a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or 401K rollover, All Pro Capital can help you invest those funds in real estate. You’ll be able to diversify your portfolio by investing in properties such as multi-family properties, commercial developments, and even self-storage facilities. When you invest with All Pro Capital, you gain the ability to take complete control of your money without having to worry about the responsibility and effort that typically comes from managing your investments yourself.

Passive Income

Passive income is what every investor is looking for: periodic returns that don’t require much time or effort after the initial investment. It’s your money making you even more money while you sleep, eat, and go about your days.

Real estate is one of the investment types that is often thought of as providing passive income but that can be an oversimplification. Investment properties require continued efforts such as completing the purchase, maintaining and managing the property, finding new tenants when units become empty, and performing inspections as needed.  All Pro Capital handles many of these things for you so your real estate investment income is as passive as possible.

A fund with a proven track record

All Pro Funding V

Through strong partnerships with leading residential builders throughout he Intermountain West and Great Plains regions, we provide the necessary structure and high-quality opportunities for accredited investors to achieve long-term capital growth and wealth preservation.

Due to the growth and success of The Challenger Group (Top 125 US builder), All Pro Funding V is established to provide accredited investors with a continuing opportunity to participate in the residential real estate market.

The proof is in the projects.

We believe that portfolios are meant to be diversified. Browse the residential projects that continue to provide our investors with safe, dependable returns.

Wide Network of Affiliate Builders

Through our partnership with The Challenger Group you have an unmatched opportunity to invest with a geographically-diversified network of proven operators, across the U.S. 


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Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Real Estate Investing

An accredited investor is a high-net-worth individual or a legal entity with the means and experience to trade private, riskier investments.

Read more: SEC Expands Definitions for Accredited Investors, Qualified Buyers (

Residential real estate investment is investing in any of the various types of properties that people use for residential purposes. These include multifamily residences (with less than five individual units), townhouses, condos, cooperatives, duplexes, and, of course, single-family homes. These investments generate returns through rental income as well as appreciation and other profits from business related to the property.

Residential real estate investments are some of the safest investments you can make. Since people will always need somewhere to live, residential investments do not suffer the same kind of losses in an economic downturn as a commercial storefront would, for example. Real estate investments provide stable, reliable passive income as well as offering diversification to any portfolio. You will also see some tax advantages from investing in real estate compared to other types of investments.

All Pro Capital isn’t like the other real estate investment companies out there. They are committed to putting their clients first and have the stats to back up that claim. All Pro Capital hasn’t lost a cent of investors’ capital in over a decade of operation. They pay their investors on time, every time. There’s no better choice for starting to invest in residential real estate.

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