All Pro Capital Has A More Loyal Private Investor Base
Than The Top Investment Firms

Investors-first decision making is what drives us. Our investors’ opinions matter.

All Pro Capital Investor Loyalty

We take care of people first, which in turn allows us to grow together.

Our mission is to create wealth for individuals, families, and their future generations. We periodically ask our investors to provide valuable feedback. The results revealed below, come from the latest Investor Satisfaction report run earlier in 2023.

We asked our private investors to rate the likelihood that they would recommend All Pro Capital. The results provided a rating called a net promoter score or NPS.

In a sector (brokerage/investment) where the average NPS is 49%, the positive sentiment from our Investor Satisfaction Report starkly contrasts and surpasses the top investment companies in the U.S.

All Pro Capital’s NPS score is 72%!

95% Customer Satisfaction

While others strive to master today’s world of programmatic trading or electronic investing, our opportunities oversubscribe quickly without the need to default to online fundraising platforms. We have established trust with our investors, based on consistency, transparency, and the stability we’ve created with our platform partners.

We do not bring on investment opportunities at all costs. Our experience has shown that to maximize returns while minimizing the risk as much as possible, you must be disciplined.

Top Four Investment Goals

94% of All Pro Capital’s investors believe that their access to private equity real estate investments create wealth for themselves and their families.

To continue delivering consistent, uniform investments with proven performance to our investors, we asked our private investors what their main goals are from the investment opportunities with All Pro Capital’s exclusive platform partners.

The results revealed that opportunities for building assets that create both cash flow and equity are among the top priorities for our investor base.

Tracking your investment with confidence.

Additionally, 92% of our private investors find the Investor Portal provided by All Pro Capital to be a valuable solution for organizing investing entities and keeping track of financial details.

We simply don't follow trends.

We choose to stay true to our mission – put our investors first and be intentional and disciplined in creating wealth by making careful investments with dependable returns. We build meaningful relationships with our investors, which have a sizable impact on their lives, as well as their successors.

Let's connect.

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