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All Pro Capital’s management team brings a unique background of experience with acquisitions, development, and management of real estate assets.

Brian Bahr

Brian Bahr, Founder of All Pro Capital, has invested in real estate for over 20 years. His passion lies in creating wealth for others and he sees real estate as one of the most tangible and easily financeable investment opportunities for short-term cash flow and long-term appreciation. Brian believes in never starting an investment by asking how much money could be made. Instead, he looks first at how his investment could lose. If he can mitigate those risks, his return is almost certain. His confidence in delivering consistent, dependable returns has led All Pro Capital to never lose a penny of investor dollars.
His most rewarding role is husband and father. Brian has always placed family first and foremost, which is why All Pro Capital is a family-friendly organization that encourages employee work-life balance.

Tony Bettis


The permanency and tangible nature of real estate is what led Tony to invest in the industry. After 30 years in the investment world, he still believes real estate is the best way to safely and consistently grow wealth and has found a niche in finding and underwriting successful real estate investments.

Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his family and friends at Grand Lake –fishing, boating, wake surfing, and hiking. He and his wife Jill have been married for 30 years and have two great kids.

Tony’s investment philosophy:
“Stick with what you know. I know real estate and feel it is the best long-term option for wealth growth.” 

Steve Vasas


Even after 31 years in the financial services and real estate investing industry, Steve still believes in the daily, personal interaction with investors.

He has invested with All Pro Capital from his first day in the office – 8 years ago and counting – and would even go so far as to recommend APC to his mother: “I was always my parent’s favorite son. Now that they are investors with All Pro Capital, there is no doubt!”

Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and five children – watching college football, hiking and skiing.

Steve’s investment philosophy:
“Focus on long-term, sustainable wealth creation. I strive to ensure every investor understands and is comfortable with every investment they make.” 

Tim Taylor


With 30+ years in the investing world, Tim has a true passion for the security that comes from real estate investments. He’s proud of his achievement as an accredited investor and would even recommend All Pro Capital to his family – “they like peace of mind.”

Tim has personally invested in many All Pro Capital projects, confident in the investments because of their past performance.

Tim enjoys golf and tennis, as well as spending quality time with his wife and six children. 

Tim’s investment philosophy:
“My investing philosophy is achieving solid returns with very little risk.”

Klaus Bauer


Klaus has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry, often responsible for providing financial advisory services for commercial banking clients in his role as Treasury Management Officer. He has a particular passion for local investment opportunities as he has seen local real estate projects provide far higher returns than those of standard banking opportunities. His passion lies in building meaningful relationships with clients and finding ways to help them reach their financial goals.

In his free time, Klaus enjoys spending time with his wife of 27 years, riding his motorcycle, and playing billiards. In July of 2019, Klaus obtained his “Certified Treasury Professional” certification, awarded by the Association of Financial Professionals.

Klaus’ investment philosophy:
“I have a conservative investment philosophy where capital preservation is the number one priority.”

John Miller

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

John’s dad once told him: “Invest in real estate because there’s a limited supply.” Since then, he’s spent 37 years in SEC Reg D, real estate, corporate, and banking law.

He looks forward to virtually every workday because of the stimulating work and the co-workers he admires. He believes the staff at All Pro Capital are people of the highest integrity and that their word is their bond. 

John enjoys reading, tinkering with computers and other electronics, and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado with his wife of 40+ years. He is also involved in his church – Castle Rock Church of Christ – as deacon of adult education.

John’s investment philosophy: 
“My first priority: Invest with people I trust. Then, I look to maximize return while minimizing risk.”

Chad Blome


Chad started investing in mutual funds at the age of 18 and has spent the last 25 years investing in everything from stocks to real estate.

Having spent his entire life in the construction field, he has seen and experienced the potential of investing in this area. During his years in construction, Chad trained and educated many people in the construction field. He was awarded the Colorado Class B Contractor License and is authorized to construct commercial and residential buildings.

In his free time, he can be found spending time with his family. They love outdoor activities like hunting, exploring Colorado by hiking or ATV’s, taking in a sporting event or taking part in a local event.

Chad’s investment philosophy:
“I try to focus on investing in companies whose practices align with my values. I play it safe most of the time with 401’s, stocks with proven track records or real estate. This provides a safe nest egg for my family.”

Maura Kerndt

Administrative Assistant

Maura joined the All Pro Capital team after working for 12 years as an accountant and financial advisor at a local university. Each time she meets with a new investor, she is amazed at the stories they share about their success with All Pro Capital.

When she’s not helping APC’s investors make their money work for them, Maura likes to spend time with family and friends going camping, fishing, hiking, four wheeling, and boating as often as possible.

Maura also volunteers with several non-profit organizations in Colorado Springs.

Maura’s investment philosophy:                                          “Finding the best person or organization to invest my money with is very important to me. I appreciate All Pro Capital’s conservative approach and research that is being done for every investment project.”

Gabrielle Sauer

Financial analyst

Gabrielle joins us with three years of commercial real estate experience. Having come from the appraisal sector, she’s eager to apply her knowledge to investing here at All Pro Capital. 

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her dog and husband, camping, reading, and trying out new restaurants and breweries.


Blaine Webb

Investor Relations

Blaine appreciates all types of investments, but it’s the consistency and tangible nature of real estate that makes him most confident after 18 years in the investment industry. His greatest achievements stem from his relationships with investors, helping them to realize their dreams and knowing that it’s good people who make any endeavor rewarding.

But his greatest happiness comes from his role as husband and father to four incredible children. Together, they enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, skiing, backpacking and hammocking.

Blaine’s investment philosophy:
“First, choose well. Who you work with matters. Second be patient. I believe that time in investments is more important than trying to time when to get into investments.”

Jon Snapp

Project Manager

A long time believer in real estate investments, Jon’s family history of investing led him to own and manage revenue-generating real estate for over 30 years. Knowing that every client has their unique challenges and goals, Jon sees each client relationship as an opportunity to problem-solve in ways that maximize both his clients’ returns and well-being. His familiarity with the All Pro team over the years has provided him the opportunity to observe careful project selection and skilled follow-through in a variety of real estate categories.

Jon’s investment philosophy:
“Invest primarily for safe, tax optimized appreciation with cash flow returns as an important but secondary consideration. Real estate in its many forms is an excellent vehicle to meet those objectives.”

Lisa Corey


Lisa has been involved in both the construction and real estate investment industry since 2008—spurred by a love of construction and a hands-on approach to building houses. With four degrees and four professional certifications, Lisa is eager to use her education and industry experience to help families create wealth and an even brighter future for themselves and their loved ones. Lisa has a passion for cars, and in her free time, enjoys riding ATV’s, snowboarding and traveling the road less-wandered with her husband and three kids.

Vicky Guan


Vicky joins us with 4 years of paralegal experience. Driven by her passion for preparation and organization, she takes pride in providing the best legal support here at All Pro Capital. She is amazed at the impact that investing with the right people/company can make.

Vicky enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and finding new places to hike.

Vicky’s investment philosophy: 
Start investing, even on a small scale. Finding the balance of risk, reward, and return means having financial security for life.

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