All Pro Capital is proud to support the EPIIC Venture Attractor Program Support Fund

At All Pro Capital, we focus on generating wealth for individuals, families, and future generations. One way we can all ensure future return on investments is through education.

Empowerment takes many forms – one of the most lasting is knowledge. That is why we continue to invest in local educational institutions. Through education, our world will be richer, benefiting from new developments and discoveries yet to be made. As promoters of opportunity, we strive to help open doors.

With our headquarters sitting right here in Colorado Springs, we are passionate about giving back to the community. UCCS has a mission to make Colorado Springs the world-wide destination for ventures in the Sport/Outdoors, Human Performance, and Health Innovation sectors. And we wish to see opportunities given to students, faculty, and this campus.

We take great pride in knowing that our support of the EPIIC Venture Attractor Program Support Fund will drive regional economic development and strengthen the startup ecosystem in Colorado Springs.

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