Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reduce risk?

We reduce risk by conservatively evaluating and researching investment opportunities, and by partnering with operators who have years of experience with a successful track record.

What rate of return can I expect?

For most projects our goal is to deliver an average annual yield to our investors of 15%+ for equity investments and 10% for promissory notes. In the past, a high percentage of our projects have exceeded the modeled yields.

How can I see and track my investments at All Pro Capital?

Once you are an investor with us you will have 24/7 online access to our Investor Portal. This online platform will provide you with complete access to all your investments. You can always see and track exactly what is happening in real time. You will also receive project updates on your investments on a regular basis. It’s fun to see your money working for you!

What is the minimum investment requirement?

Typically, the minimum amount to become an investor is $50,000. If you decide to invest in All Pro Funding III for vertical, residential construction the minimum amount is $25,000.

Has an investor ever lost any money on an investment with All Pro Capital?

Since All Pro Capital was founded 11 years ago, having completed over 37 projects, we are proud to say that we grew our investor portfolio by 1,025% - without having lost any investor money!

What assets can I invest in?

We believe that diversification is the key to investment success! Currently we are creating dependable returns by investing in projects such as multi-family apartment communities, self-storage facilities, residential town homes, commercial pads and residential land development, and car washes. Our investors can also be a part of Challenger Homes’ success by investing in Challenger’s vertical construction funds used to construct single-family residences.

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