All Pro Funding V, LLC

An investment that provides capital preservation through low-risk investments in The Challenger Group’s for-sale residential construction and land development operations.

Prime + 3%

Currently at 10% Annual Interest Rate

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Real estate without the risk

Our for-sale residential construction and land development loans are secured by 1st or 2nd deeds of trust, in amounts at or below 75% of Loan to Value (LTV).

Quarterly Interest Payments

A passive income generator means your money is working for you – even when you're not working. You see a steady, healthy return.

Diversify with a purpose

For most investors, this is a smarter way to diversify your portfolio than the limited options your typical financial planner will recommend.

A fund with a proven track record

Built on the backbone of The Challenger Group and the vision of Brian Bahr, these funds have been a solid investment since its first offering. It’s what allows us to size the All Pro Funding V investment at $100,000,000.

In 2023, Builder 100 magazine named The Challenger Group the 51st largest builder in the U.S.


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All Pro Funding V Investment Highlights

All Pro Funding IV reached its limit of $40 million in only 24 months.

Due to the growth and success of The Challenger Group and its affiliates (Top 125 US builder), All Pro Funding V is established to provide accredited investors with a continuing opportunity to participate in the for-sale residential real estate market.

Prime + 3%

Currently at 10% Annual Interest Rate

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Are you an accredited investor?*

Careful investments. Dependable returns.

The fundamentals of the for-sale residential market are very strong and predicted to continue to be for a long time. 

All Pro Capital takes a different approach to investing. Our goal is to create wealth for our investors, partners, employees and community by thoroughly researching opportunities, making careful investments and producing dependable returns.

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