Our approach

real estate investments

A different approach.

In 2009, we founded All Pro Capital out of a need for real estate investments that truly put investors first. Today, we’re creating wealth for our investors, partners, employees and community by thoroughly researching opportunities, making careful investments and generating dependable returns.

Investing with All Pro Capital comes with a promise:
You always succeed before we do.

You-focused goals

Our team of experts will assist in every aspect of your investment, every step of the way. We take the time to get to know you and understand your financial goals.

Smart portfolio diversification

Our portfolio provides options to diversify your investment portfolio – both through geography and asset class.

Returns you can track

You have 24/7 online access to your investment portfolio through our portal, where you can view your investments, total projects invested, returns, documentation, and much more.

Second decade creating wealth

Past and present.

All Pro Capital started small, with an initial bank-owned project and just a handful of investors. Today, we serve over 750+ investors and haven’t lost a single investor dollar. We will continue to create wealth for our investors through safe, dependable returns they can count on. 


Your investor portal.

Our investors can conveniently track their investments, in real time.

Once you’re up-and-running, you’ll have complete access to see exactly what’s happening  and how your money is working for you.

Through the investor portal, you can see distributions, balances, your documents, such as K-1s, and your current accrued balances.

Asset classes in action

Our investment portfolio

We believe every project is only as good as its returns. Learn more about the projects we’re completing across multi-family, self-storage and residential asset classes. 


Our multi-family projects offer stable cash flow with a diverse tenant base.


Self-storage is our consistent top-performing asset class, even during a downturn.


Our residential investment options fund land development and residential construction.


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