We believe that portfolios are meant to be diversified. Take a look at the projects that continue to provide our investors with safe, dependable returns.

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"I appreciate the honesty and integrity of all staff...they appreciate the faith their investors put in them. This helps create a higher level of confidence in the entire team. Communications are excellent and their response to questions is outstanding and appreciated."


Our multi-family projects offer stable cash flow with a diverse tenant base.


Self-storage is our consistent top-performing asset class that has historically outperformed all other asset classes during economic downturns.

Residential and Commercial development

Our residential investment options fund land development and residential construction.

"I couldn't be happier. It's a valuable source of income for me."

past success

Our realized projects.

Our realized projects are the investment projects we have completed since All Pro Capital opened in 2009. We haven’t lost a single penny of investor dollars.

And we don’t plan to. 

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