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All Pro Capital is pleased to present a great opportunity to invest in an industrial redevelopment project  in Mt Pleasant, WI.

The facility currently consists of 658 climate-controlled units with an additional 250 units in development. There are also nine offices, and 20 indoor parking spaces totaling 118,237 net rentable square feet.

The facility also includes seven outdoor parking spaces available for rent. There is ample additional outdoor space available which can be used for parking and industrial trailer parking. 

The expansion and redevelopment plans consist of the following:

  1. The facility will be acquired in June of 2022 and the remaining lease up will be completed during the peak leasing season: ~ 80% current physical occupancy to 90% by fall 2022.
  2. The designs and unit mix will be completed for approximately 20,000 additional self-storage rentable square feet.  The contemplated area for the additional space is for an interior, first level, drive-up and climate control product type. 
  3. The unit mix will be tailored to the existing unit mix to provide more of the most highly occupied unit types.  The current space is being utilized as interior boat and RV storage, and those customers will be relocated to other areas of the facility (canopy parking, interior loading dock etc.). 
  4. Construction of the expansion will begin in late fall of 2022 in order to bring it online going into the peak leasing season (early summer) of 2023.
  5. The facility currently has a second floor which is not being utilized.  The second floor is approximately 20,000 gross square feet and provides a future storage expansion opportunity.
  6. Alternatively, the space could be used for an office tenant or non-storage use.  This area will be evaluated in the summer of 2023.
  7. The facility includes two underground parking areas not currently being utilized and a large out door area.  These spaces will be evaluated as additional potential revenue generating space.

The location of Mt. Pleasant industrial redevelopment project benefits from a dense and growing surrounding population about 25 miles south of downtown Milwaukee. 



All Pro Mt. Pleasant

7505 Durand Ave, Mt Pleasant, WI 53177

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Minimum Investment

Average Return on Investment: 14.5-19%

Expected term approximately 3-5 years

Personal funds, self-directed IRA's, trusts, and legal entities are welcome to invest!

*Estimated average annual return in year 5

Steve Vasas

Vice President, Investor Relations -
"Excellent opportunity to invest in an industrial expansion and redevelopment project!"
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